vineri, 8 februarie 2013


"I just one be with you,that`s all"

"There is a box underneath my bed full of phorographs I can`t seem to bring myself to throw away.You know that they say : a picture is like a thousand words and for a girl that`s so in love with word i`m always so tonguetied."

"I do all this shit for other people!And then i wake up and i`m empty!I have nothing!"

"...And maybe is just too late"

"If you`re going through hell,keep going!"

"Enjoy the little things in your life `cause someday you`ll look back and you`ll realize that those little things were the big ones"

"We should all start to live before we get too old.Fear is stupid,so are Regrets"

"Don`t take a good person for granted.Someday someone will come along and will appreciate that you didn`t"

"I`m not weird.I`m limited edition!"

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